Recent Board Games

On Sunday night we got to play a few board games:  We started off with a session of Descent which continues to rock – that game is just so much fun, whether you win or you lose. Incidentally I was the Overlord and I won. My only criticism of the game is that it takes a long time – we spent more than 4 hours playing it.

We also played Galaxy Trucker which was brand new to me: The game is incredibly easy to learn and was a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend it although it’s brutally expensive in the US ($80 from ) compared to here in Europe (38 euros from

Finally, we’ve been playing a lot the game Niklas got for Christmas. It’s called Wer war’s (which basically translates to “Who was it?”).  It’s a cooperative play game using an electronic clue box as well as a board in which the players try to figure out who stole the magic ring. It’s not yet out in English but when it is released I’d definitely recommend it; it’s fairly easy to learn and it’s cooperative so there are no issues of sore losers. Niklas loves it.