Kidz: Back at work

After a couple month layoff due to wrist surgery and a general lack of inspiration, I’m back at work on Kidz.  At this point, I’m in the process of the final rewrite of the core rules, including tightening up the way Quirks and Karma Points work. I’m also in the process of writing all the examples, many of which are pulled from the ongoing playtest sessions. Writing the rules section is both satisfying and incredibly frustrating at the same time because every time I think I think I’ve come up with the best way of explaining a concept or rule, I end up tweaking previous sections or finding some sort of typo in the process.  At this point the rules are just about done although I have been contemplating expanding the way Karma Points work to create a more interesting economy based around the party’s actions in order to encourage team work and reliance upon each other (which is something that is a major trope in the genre). Hopefully I’ll have that ironed out in the next few weeks.

I now also have the concept sketches and have finally turned them over to my artists: Hopefully I’ll have some samples of the actual art in the next few months.

Kidz concept art sketches

I got a chance to visit the friend who’s been acting as an adviser on the art and he showed me some sketches he’s made of some of the ideas he has come up with.  Wow!  All are various “mysterious” scenes (complete with dialog or captions) and they capture the spirit of the game perfectly. I can’t wait to see how the girls turn these into real illustrations.

PDQ² – Some initial info

So I’ve been working on Kidz for the past six-months, trying to hash out the details for the PDQ rules which I think fit the feel and the aim of the game really well. In the past couple months though I’ve also been getting ready to run not one, but two different campaigns based on Evil Hat Productions awesome game Spirit of the Century, and well, FATE has rubbed off on me. In the past couple weeks I’ve suddenly seen a new way to “fix” some of the parts of PDQ that weren’t quite what I wanted for Kidz, not to mention take the system to a new level for my own play.  Thus, PDQ² was born…

PDQ² takes the solid mechanics of the PDQ System and integrates some of the features and fun of FATE 3.0’s Aspects in the form of what I’m calling “Quirks” (hence the Q²). It brings a new dimension to how characters are defined as well as the Hero Point economy works in the game. Needless to say, I’m really excited about the possibilites. Stay tuned for more information as I finalize the rules for alpha playtesting.

PDQ Licensing – Kidz

As if working on one new RPG wasn’t enough, I’ve actually kicked off work on a second game, currently code named Kidz (formerly known as Providence), and have already secured the licensing rights to use Chad Underkoffler’s PDQ system to use with the game. What’s Kidz about? It’s a game about kids growing up in a small town who investigate crimes, solve mysteries, and (maybe) fight supernatural beings. It’s inspired by things like the cartoon Scooby Doo, where are you!, as well as books like Stephen King’s It, and the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mystery series. Stay tuned for further developments.