Played “Last Night on Earth” – A quick review

We got a chance to play Last Night on Earth last night and it was a lot of fun: The game was very easy to learn (all 3 of us were brand new to it and had the hang of the rules within 20 minutes) and had some interesting mechanics.  I was the zombies and so spent half the game saying things like “Hmmmmm…….brains” which is always a good thing in my book. While it’s hardly a RPG, you can definitely include an element of roleplaying in the game since the characters are all pretty clearly defined and cliched; it also adds a new level of fun to the game, much like it does to games like Descent and Arkham Horror.

The game also comes with a CD soundtrack which helps add to the atmosphere as you play: We transferred it to my Itunes player and then just shuffled through the selections continuously to fill out the 60 minutes it took us to finish our game.

I can’t recommend the game enough if you like zombie movies or just like cooperative games in general (one side (1-2 players) play the zombies, the rest are the town’s residents).