Confessions of an Indie RPG Junkie

I’m an indie & story game RPG junkie – the past year I’ve purchased nearly two dozen games which I’ve been slowly incorporating in to both my face-to-face and online games.  Unfortunately it’ll probably take me a decade to get through the games I’ve purchased and yet…I still want more.

Why do I love indie and story games? Several reasons:

  1. They’re different – the mechanics are inspiring and thought provoking, the background and setting are  interesting and fun, and the games are something one step beyond the normal stuff out there. Cold City is an amazing setting and idea.
  2. They make me a better GM and player –  Dogs in the Vineyard changed the way I approach RPGs, not to mention what I want out of a game. It also completely sold me on the idea that a social conflict mechanic could be as much fun as a physical combat one.  Primetime Adventures changed how I framed scenes and paced my games.  The Shadows of Yesterday and Burning Wheel changed the way I put together a campaign and got me into tailoring it to what the players want rather than what I want.
  3. They’re fun –Spirit of the CenturyInspectres, and The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries are just plain fun. If you haven’t tried them you’re really missing out on a great time. There are too many other examples to list here….
  4. A connection to the author/creator – Indie publishers are much more connected to their creations and that leads to posts like this where the author takes the time out to thank you for a brief review posted on a personal blog. When I picked up the pdf version of Zorcerer of Zo and its format made it difficult to print, I contacted the author and he sent me an alternative version, no questions asked. Try doing that with White Wolf or Wizards of the Coast.

In short, I just plain enjoy playing and sharing these games – I’ve taught them to friends, kids, and even strangers online and I’ve never had a bad game.  I just wish I had more time to play all of the stuff I own.