AP Reports

You can find AP reports and chat logs from a few of my games here.

African Age (In a Wicked Age)

The Delta Green Blues (Primetime Adventures)

On October 29, 1929, also known as Black Tuesday, signaled the start of bad times in the US. The depression had devastating effects in both the industrialized countries and those which exported raw materials. International trade declined sharply, as did personal incomes, tax revenues, prices and profits. Unemployment was rampant and many people were in desperate circumstances.

Misery loves company. The collective worldwide depression, both economically and psychologically, has thinned the membrane that separates our own reality from that of others. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger, jealousy, and pride have suddenly found physical manifestations which prey upon the weak and desperate. Only a small group of gifted individuals stands between these demons and humankind.

The year is 1932. In this thriller/horror/drama our heroes are the poor and downtrodden who travel the rails of the southern US, desperately trying to make a living. Unknown to them, each also has an unusual psychic sensitivity to the supernatural, which draws them to supernatural beings and crimes like moths to the flame.

Setting Conventions
Since this is our first PTA game and we’re all new to each other I propose the following:

  • The show be suitable for primetime network TV – thus we keep profanity, extreme violence, sexual situations, etc. within the scope of what might appear on a major network during primetime.
  • It is the 1930’s and we’re playing in the deep south so racism will rear its ugly head on a regular basis. Obviously this needs to be within tasteful limits.
  • Violence will be part of the show but won’t be gratuitous – thus much of the blood spilling occurs off-camera.
  • This will be an action-oriented show firmly in the horror genre but with dramatic elements. Ideally each character should have a major issue to deal with in their own personal story arc that will span the season.
  • We’ll tentatively aim for a 5-episode season but whether we play all 5 episodes will be left up to the group to decide at a later point.
  • Protagonists will be ordinary individuals who happen to have talents for detecting supernatural phenomenon or perhaps some minor psychic ability. I would prefer to avoid super-power like abilities (e.g., telekinesis or telepathy; empathy would be ok though) and instead have the characters rely on their wits, physical abilities, and perhaps a little bit of luck.
  • Since this is horror and a drama, a character’s death (meaningful) should be possible, especially if it’s part of his/her story arc.

Dark, gritty, suspense with a definite serious tone. I would like it to be as realistic as possible (e.g., exploring racial issues perhaps) without being gratuitous. The sound track would involve lots of period blues music (e.g., Son House, Robert Johnson). The show will have supernatural elements and some special FX but those are largely limited to the creatures, rather than the protagonists. That said, I like the idea of the “vices taken physical form” and thus would rather play up that idea rather than simply rehashing vampire and werewolf tales.

Episode 1: The Hanged Man (part 1)