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Gaming Brouhaha is a blog dedicated to geek gaming culture and how to get more out of your games. This includes advice to GMs, reviews of  new and old games, and actual play reports from our own games. It also includes industry news as well as interesting tidbits we find along our travels.  Our discussions run the gamit of gaming, from old-school RPGs like D&D to modern, narrative-heavy indie RPGs. While our primary focus is on roleplaying games, we venture into all kinds of games including CCGs, miniatures, and board games from time to time.

MJ Harnish

I’ve been playing RPGs since 1982. I got my start with TSR’s Star Frontiers RPG, purchased at Toys “R” Us in the fall of 1982 during our annual “Black Friday” holiday school shopping trip.  My friends and I were very quickly hooked and moved on to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, which largely involved buying the PHB & DMG, and then trying to figure out how to play the game: That game wasn’t particularly good at explaining things to new players, especially about the role-playing part of the game but somehow we managed.

Along the way I played a variety of other games, including James Bond (a great game for lone wolf campaigns when you couldn’t get a group together), Twilight 2000, Marvel Super Heroes, and the Basic/Expert/Companion D&D sets. Though I was the GM most of the time, I also got to play in games from time to time so I guess I can consider myself lucky.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m still playing RPGs on a regular basis, though nowadays I’m just as likely to play online via Virtual Tabletop software or Play By Post as face-to-face: Trying to balance professional and family obligations.

I am also working hard to keep the RPG torch going by running an after-school gaming club at the international school at which I teach:  We play a variety of miniature, board, and RPGs:  At the moment InSpectres, PDQ, Spirit of the Century, retro-clone D&D games (e.g., Labyrinth Lord), and Savage Worlds are our RPG systems of choice.

What am I playing now with my adult friends? For the past few years or so I’ve really gotten into the independent and story RPGs – the emphasis is much more on story-telling and character development which is what my gaming tastes gravitate towards anyways. Amongst my favorite indie games at the moment are My Life with Master, Spirit of the Century, The Zorcerer of Zo, Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Wheel, The Esoterrorists, Mouse Guard, and Commitee for the Exploration of Mysteries.

In my free time I’ve been very busy writing for GeekDad.com as well as this blog. I also am working a a lot of other RPG-related projects including kid-friendly playsets for Fiasco and two different RPGs: Kidz which is all about being meddlesome kids solving mysteries and having adventures, and Desperate Measures which is a game about against-all-odds situations.

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  1. Cool. There’s nothing better than giving an old game a new home. The game itself is not particularly good, but the setting is interesting enough and it’s certainly a classic at this point.

  2. Hiya Mike!

    I have been trying to reach you for a very long while now, but I don’t have internet currently and I no longer work at LHSI. I will be getting internet soon though. I would love to hear from you. The old fashioned way is 1141 sw 32nd OKC/OK 73109 (405)642-7014 Please get in touch with me when you can! This is a coworkers e-mail if you can reach me this way it is cool.

  3. Wow, a blast from the past. I’ve sent your co-worker my email address – just drop me an email and I will fill you in on everything that’s been up the past few years including some pictures. :o) Failing that I can try the phone but the big time difference makes the timing difficult without pre-planning.

  4. Mj Harnish,

    I’m trying to get in touch with you about a publishing opportunity for the RPG Blog Anthology. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find contact information for you on this site, or on the RPG Bloggers google group. If you could please email me, so that I could let you know what the heck I’m talking about, that would be excellent.

    All the best,
    Jonathan (aka The Core Mechanic)

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